The Forbes Mellon Library

Alumni are very welcome to visit the Forbes Mellon Library, you'll just need to contact the College Librarian, Catherine Reid, or her Deputy, Julie Hope in advance, to arrange your visit. Please email the library team and they will do their best to accommodate you. 

As a member of Cambridge University you can also access the University Library, and if you have received your MA you can take out up to 20 books for a maximum of 8 weeks. On your first visit to the University Library after graduation you will need to present ID and proof of your current address.

The Archives

The Clare Archives contain an extensive collection of papers, publications and records which document the history of the College since its foundation in 1326. The collection includes academic and administrative records, details of College finances and land and property ownership, details of various clubs and societies and records of individual members. Unfortunately, a fire in Old Court in 1521 destroyed many of the early College documents – nevertheless, the archives provide an excellent insight into life at Clare throughout history, particularly from the 16th century to the present day. For more detailed information about the archives, please visit the College Archives webpage

The archivist, Jude Brimmer, will be very happy to answer any questions you may have about the archives and College history. If you would like to arrange to visit the archives, or to donate documents or other articles, please contact the archivist.


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