Clare College Poppy Plaques

Some 199 men are listed on Clare’s war memorials as having died in the Great War. The backgrounds of these men and their links to the College are not well understood and, to commemorate the centenary of their deaths, we have been researching their backgrounds, military service, and links to the College. Please click on the images below to see the full-sized plaque.

James Amphlett-MortonAlexander Dewar


John AndersonGeoffrey Fisher


George AndertonReginald Fox


Robert AngusHenry Glenny


Wilfrid BarhamEric Goodhart


Frank BastowEldred Gordon


Cecil BrewerSidney Heathcote Habershon


George BriggsDonald Henderson


Hugh BrodieNoel Henderson


John BrometCharles Jemmett


Lewis ChesterHerbert Lewis


Leslie ColeThomas Glyn Lloyd


Herbert ConstantineHerbert Lumb


Sydney DaveyBoyce Mackay Scobie Mackenzie





Frederic Maclellan MitchellWilliam Silvertop


Cecil MalpasGeorge Sisson


Arthus MillarStanley Spittle


Charles MillsArthus Temperley


William MorriceArchibald Thornton


Gordon NessJohn Eric Trevor-Jones


George NicholsonNorman Trier


Billy OwenGeoffrey Wainwright


Ralph PreestonFrancis Ward


Ernest RichardsonPercy Neil Whitehead


Richard RobertsCharles Williams


Edward RobsonErnest Winton (Weintraud)


Hamo Watts SassoonPhilip Young


Valentine ShearmanDrummond Fraser Harold Reginald