The supervision system – teaching undergraduates as individuals or in small groups – is the heart of a Cambridge education. By learning within this framework, our students develop self confidence, critical thinking skills, intellectual curiosity and mental agility: qualities which set them apart for the rest of their lives.

Clare has an outstanding record in undergraduate teaching. Our Fellows are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and passion for their subjects, creating exceptional learning opportunities for our undergraduates. Our goal is to ensure that current and future Clare students continue to receive this rare and exceptional education, by recruiting, retaining and developing the best academics across all disciplines.



The number of Pilkington Prizes for Teaching awarded to Clare Fellows by the University.


Your Support

In order to maintain the exceptional standard of education Clare offers its students, we intend to add a further £10 million to our endowment fund, to safeguard the provision of small-group teaching.

We urgently need to increase teaching support for specific subjects, including Modern and Medieval Languages, English and Economics. Unfortunately the teaching of these subjects is no longer sufficiently funded by the University. This means that the College needs to find additional resources to support teaching Fellows and our valuable supervision system, ensuring that future Clare students will have access to the same world-class education as all those who have gone before them. 


Your Impact: A case study

The Turpin-Lipstein Fellowship is a four-year teaching fellowship at Clare primarily dedicated to the support of undergraduates studying for the Law Tripos. The Turpin-Lipstein Fellow is an integral member of Law teaching at Clare and joins Professor Neil Andrews and Dr Kirsty Hughes in this role. Since its establishment, the Fellowship has contributed significantly to Clare's consistent record of excellence in the Law Tripos. In 2016, 50% of our students have graduated with First Class Honours, and all of our students have graduated with an Upper Second or better. A number of Clare students have won University prizes in Law and have come top in the Tripos.

Due to the success of the Fellowship and its positive impact on our students, the College is therefore seeking the funds needed to fully endow the Fellowship in perpetuity, without an ongoing reliance on further annual donations. By helping us to endow the Turpin-Lipstein Fellowship, you will be making a definitive and permanent impact on Law teaching at Clare. The sum needed to fully endow a College Teaching Fellowship is approximately £2 million. In the case of the Turpin-Lipstein Fellowship, £1.58m has already been raised, and we therefore require a further £420,000 in donations to reach full endowment.



If you decide to make a donation to support teaching at Clare, there are several projects you could choose to direct your gift to:

Alternatively, you may wish to establish a new Fellowship in the name and subject area of your choice. To find out more, please contact the Development Office.



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