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Students studying by the riverbank with the text "The Reddaway Fund"

The Reddaway Fund for the Teaching of Economics was set up in order to fund a College Teaching Office (CTO) to lead the teaching of economics in Clare.

Brian ReddawayEconomics underpins so much of life, and Clare is determined to secure teaching excellence in this field. To that end, Clare established the Reddaway Fund for the Teaching of Economics in honour of Brian Reddaway, who was a Fellow of Clare from 1938 to his death in 2002, and Professor of Political Economy 1969-80. Brian was devoted to excellent economics teaching and analysis, and took a personal interest in many generations of students and academic visitors. He also contributed significantly to the fund.

Thanks to the Fund, Dr Philip Faulkner was appointed as Clare’s CTO in Economics in 2009, and the result has been fantastic. This is worthy of Clare’s heritage of great economics teachers and researchers (e.g. Charles Feinstein, Robin Matthews, Martin Weale and Brian Reddaway) and great economics alumni (e.g. Andrew Sentence, Andrew Smithers and Daryl Dixon.)

Gifts have come from those both inside and outside the field of economics. With all this excellent support, the Fund now stands at about £1.5 million. In order to be viable in the long term, the Fund must reach £2 million. Our target is to have the further £500,000 pledged by March 2018.