Quite simply, it is up to you to decide how the College spends your legacy gift.

It could support a College teaching post, help to restore or maintain Clare's beautiful buildings and gardens, or endow a studentship or bursary. If there is a project or area of College life that is particularly close to your heart, your legacy could be used to support it.

You might think that you need to leave a very large legacy if you wish to create a personal memorial or endow a named fund, but this is not the case. Every legacy, large or small, can make a real difference and a lasting contribution to Clare. If you would like to talk to us about how your legacy gift will be spent, or find out more about the College's longterm needs and ambitions, please do get in touch.


Your legacy, your impact

For almost 700 years Clare has been the recipient of legacy gifts, given by both members and friends of the College. Here is an example of a recent bequest and the positive impact it has already made...

The Bill Skelton Bursaries

The Bill Skelton Bursary fund was created in 2003, as a lasting memorial to The Reverend Bill Skelton, Chaplain of Clare from 1952-59. Although a group of alumni came up with the idea for the fund initially, and established it during his lifetime, its most generous donor was Bill Skelton himself, who left a gift of over £80,000 to the fund in his Will

In the 12 years since the fund was launched, Bill Skelton Bursaries have been awarded to more than 20 undergraduates. Without this financial support, these talented young people would have been unable to meet the costs of a university education. Bill's generous bequest, together with the gifts of the fund's other donors, gave them the opportunity to fulfill their potential and experience life at Clare. 


“Everyone at Clare is very friendly and it has been the best experience of my life so far. Unique things such as the supervision system, May week in June and the chance to make so many friends – these are the things that make Cambridge special.”

A Bill Skelton Bursary recipient, 2012


For the General Purposes of the College...

You may be happy to entrust your legacy gift to the College Officers, to allocate to the area of College life or project that is most in need of funding at the time your bequest is received. This approach is very beneficial to Clare, allowing for the changing needs and priorities of the College and its members over time, as well as ensuring that your legacy gift has the greatest possible impact, whenever it is received. 


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