The Clare community is full of vibrant individuals who have a huge range of interests and passions - some discovered here and some developed and shared with their fellow students.

We are dedicated to encouraging all our members to learn and experiment outside their academic studies. The Sport and Culture Fund has been created to help our students pursue their extra-curricular interests and they are able to apply to it for money to support a wide variety of activities, from putting on a play or concert to establishing a new College sports team. 

clare tennis courts

Sport is an important part of life at Clare and is highly valued by our students, many of whom are very talented sportsmen and women. There are currently two main sports funds:

Clare Boat Club offers students the chance to learn to row, then to train and race, all at low cost to individuals. As well as maintaining physical fitness, rowing is a demanding but mentally relaxing antidote to the stresses of academic work. Rowing to the high standards set by CBC develops good time management, teamwork and interpersonal skills that are a powerful asset for life in and beyond Cambridge. Donations help to subsidise student costs, to run our fine boathouse, to pay for the experience and skill of our boatman/coach and to keep our fleet of boats and oars in prime condition. Visit the CBC website for more information.

The Gordon-Dickson Fund exists to support Clare sports people to compete at University level, by covering equipment or travel costs, for example. It is also intended to help fund the maintenance and development of the College’s sports facilities, for the benefit of all our students.

The Sport & Culture Fund has been established in addition to these, to ensure that all our students have the chance to participate in a wide variety of sports at all levels - from running to rugby, lacrosse or even quidditch.

We are keen that all Clare students should have the chance to broaden their cultural horizons, in as many different directions as possible.

The College is well known for its world-class choir and classical musicians, however, many of our students are interested in exploring other musical genres, starting bands or putting on their own live music events.   

Clare boasts a number of talented visual artists amongst its members, as well as an excellent collection of paintings and sculptures managed by the College Art Committee. We hope to encourage our students to develop their artistic interests and talents, either as a step towards a creative career or just for fun!  

Drama is also very popular and the College's theatrical society, Clare Actors, offers plenty of opportunity for students to tread the boards and gain valuable experience as creators and performers of all sorts of plays and productions. 

Make a Donation


If you decide to make a donation to the Sport & Culture Fund, you will be helping Clare students get the most of College life and gain valuable experiences outside of their studies which will shape their lives, both personal and professional, for years to come.

If you would like to find out more about the Sport & Culture Fund, or if you would like to support a specific activity, please contact the Development Office



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