Clare College Alumni


What is the Alumni Council?

The Alumni Council was created so that Clare members have the chance to continue to be involved in College life after graduation. The Council is chaired by the Master, or by an elected Vice-Chairman and is made up of Year Group Reps (YGRs). Each matriculation year has its own YGR, elected by the members of that year group. 


What does it do?

The Alumni Council comes together at Clare once each year for a full afternoon of workshops and meetings, followed by a dinner in Hall. Members have the opportunity to share their own thoughts and opinions, and those of their year group, on a variety of topics including College communications, events and fundraising. They also vote to select the recipient of the Alumnus of the Year award. Spokespeople from selected College groups, such as Clare Boat Club and the Friends of Clare Music, the student body (one current undergraduate and one graduate) and up to four co-opted members attend the annual Alumni Council meeting, to make sure that all members of the Clare community are represented. 

There are two sub-committees of the Alumni Council - the Events Committee and the Annual Fund Committee - who meet twice a year, in addition to the annual Council meeting, to advise and consult with the Development team on an ongoing basis. 


What is a Year Group Rep?

Year Group Reps (YGRs) are nominated and elected by their peers. They serve as the spokesperson for their year group for a term of 3 years, although a year group can re-elect its YGR to serve for more than one term. There will normally only be one YGR for each year group, but two or more may be elected in special circumstances.


If you would like to find out more about Year Group Reps and their responsibilities, or if you would like to find out who your YGR is, please click here


How are Year Group Reps selected?

When it's time for your year group to select a new YGR, the development team will contact you to ask for nominations. Alumni are welcome to nominate themselves as well as their peers, and the current YGR may also offer to serve another term if they wish. We will contact all the nominees to check that they are happy to accept the post, if they are elected.

Once all the nominations have been collected, we will ask you to vote for your preferred candidate and the candidate who receives the most votes will become your new YGR. If there is only one nominee, they will be elected automatically.