Toby Wilkinson

Toby Wilkinson - Fellow for Development

Professor Toby Wilkinson first joined Clare in 2003 as Fellow and Development Director, in which capacity he served until 2011. He re-joined the College as Fellow for Development in 2022, having held a range of senior posts in higher education in the UK and abroad. These included Director of International Strategy at the University of Cambridge, Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Lincoln, and Vice-Chancellor of the Fiji National University. Toby brings extensive experience in leadership and management, fundraising and alumni relations, external and stakeholder engagement, strategy and communications. As well as leading the Development Office, Toby works with the whole College community to refresh and communicate the long-term vision for Clare and bring it to fruition. Toby is also a renowned Egyptologist, and the prize-winning author of thirteen books which have been translated into twelve languages.



  You can get in touch with Toby by phone on +44(0) 1223 333272 or by email at

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