Due to the ongoing renovation work in Old Court, with Hall currently inaccessible and dramatically reduced dining space, we are sadly unable to offer the below benefit. It will be reinstated in 2023 upon the reopening of Clare's North Range.

As an alumnus or former CRA you are invited to dine at High Table once per term, free of charge. Hall is open to alumni and former CRAs on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings during Full Term (see term dates). Space permitting, alumni may bring one guest to dine with them at High Table. The price of a guest's meal is £16.65 inc. VAT, plus wine (correct until October 2020).

You are more than welcome to return to dine in hall as many times as you would like on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings during full term, at your own expense, and you may bring one guest with you.

Alumni are also invited to an informal supper on Sunday evenings during full term following the 6pm evensong in Chapel. The cost is £5 for alumni and £10 for guests.

Dining in College is subject to availability. No booking is required for Sunday evenings. For all other evenings, please contact Ms Marie Bouvier, the Fellows’ Butler, to make your reservation:
E-mail: pantry@clare.cam.ac.uk  
Telephone: +44 1223 333224

Try to be in the SCR by about 7.20.  Business attire/jacket/tie is expected. Alumni returning for dinner do not typically wear gowns.


You are welcome to help yourself to a drink from the sideboard in the SCR. Please note what you have taken and simply write alumnus or alumna rather than your name.


When it is time to dine, a staff member will inform the senior Fellow, who will lead the group downstairs, usually after inviting someone else to follow immediately behind, and then sit beside them. If there are empty places when you reach the table, please do not leave gaps in the seating.


Stand at your place when grace is said. People who will seated facing away from the body of the Hall should turn around and face those who are sitting at the lower tables during the grace.


Wine is served at High Table; alumni do not need to bring wine.


Mobile phones are not be used at High Table and it is customary to stay at your place throughout the meal. If you would like to speak with someone else in Hall please wait until the conclusion of the meal.


When the final course is finished and cleared, a small brass gong is struck and all stand for the final grace. Immediately afterwards follow the senior Fellow out of Hall and go up to the SCR for coffee.

Alumni are also invited back to College for Reunion Dinners at regular intervals. Find out more, including a schedule of the forthcoming Reunion Dinners.


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