We organise regular events for alumni, both at Clare and further afield, but members are also very welcome to visit College, dine in Hall and stay overnight. If  you are an alumnus/a or a dependent of an alumnus/a and find yourself in financial difficulty, the Lady Clare Fund may be able to help you.

Visiting College:
As an alumnus/a of Clare, you can bring five guests into College with you free of charge. If you would like to bring more than five guests, please contact us first and we will see what we can do. We often have custodians guarding our gates due to the large numbers of tourists wandering through, but if you let them or the porters know that you are a Clare alumnus/alumna then they will happily let you through.

Whenever you return to College, please feel free to visit the Development Office (U7 & U8, Memorial Court). The team can assist you with any queries and will be delighted to meet you and offer you a cup of tea and a place to relax.