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Boats and goats: a double win for Cambridge

Cambridge storms to victory in the 2011 Goat raceAs the most dramatic Boat Race of recent times unfolded on the Thames on Saturday, a younger (and far more unusual!) competition between Oxford and Cambridge took place at Spitalfields City Farm in London...

The 4th annual Goat Race attracted around 1,700 spectators, who gathered around the cobbled racetrack at the farm in Buxton Street to witness two Golden Guernsey goats – Bentley and Bramble – make their 200m dash in the name of their respective ‘honorary’ universities. Cambridge won for the fourth year in a row, with a time of one minute, 26 seconds. Oxford followed hot on his heels, finishing just two seconds later…and thankfully there were no protestors to spoil the fun!

Meanwhile, up river, the Light Blues were already celebrating their victory in what was possibly the most dramatic Boat Race since both crews sank, 100 years ago. In spite of a politically-motivated swimmer putting a stop to the initial race, and a clash with the Dark Blue boat (in which they were at fault, and came out worse) Cambridge held a steady course and won the 158th Boat Race by 4 and a quarter lengths, times to be confirmed. The official race report is available here.

Congratulations Cambridge!